Monday, February 8, 2010

Yeah, Pretty Much

This pretty well sums it up. Watching it with two of my guy friends, the whole spectacle was just..icky. Unpleasant. And, what's even worse, kind of boring. A three-hour parade of "Women are castrating bitches! Now buy our stuff" just ain't fun. Even with Betty White getting tackled.

What's funny is that this (h/t Don Hall) covers some of the same turf, but is actually funny. I could explain why...but when you explain a joke, you ruin it.

Note to ad companies: just because I'm a guy, that doesn't mean, deep down inside, I hate and fear women and their icky, icky bits. Really. You know, how you can tell? I'm not a Republican. Ba-zing! Seriously, kids. Nut shots, funny. Mean to women, not funny. Even Alan Alda gets it:

UPDATE: What I said...but funnier.

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Scott Walters said...

The game was GREAT! But I don't watch it on TV -- I don't HAVE a TV -- I listen on the radio, which is way more fun, and skips all the annoying commercials!