Friday, January 29, 2010

Juking the Stats*

Shorter Thomas Garvey: The Year of Living Statistically

Statistics don't really mean anything and anyone who says differently is a dishonest hack, and just using them to support their agenda. Now, look at these statistics that totally support my agenda! See you next week, when (Spoiler Alert!) I call playwrights a bunch of untalented whiners! Tip your waiters!



Freeman said...

Can't be denied - Garvey's got a bone to pick.

I look forward to reading his next play.

Leonard Jacobs said...

Do let us know when the lethal injection is ready for Mr. Garvey.

Thomas Garvey said...

You were so right, Leonard.

99 said...

Well, he's not History's Greatest Monster (everyone knows that honor belongs to Joel Schumacher), but, when the Glorious Revolution comes, we all know who will be first against the wall!

Scott Walters said...

Hey, Thomas Garvey agreed with me once, so he can't be all bad. Can he? (That's how I separate people: with me or agin me. I learned it from W, and it makes thing s SO much easier.)