Thursday, September 10, 2009

Grad School in A Blog Post

Yeah, this pretty much sums up everything I've learned since grad school. This should be a required text.

Via. (Surprise, surprise.)


joshcon80 said...

I commented there.

It should come as no surprise, I suppose, but I kind of like a lot of what he's making fun of. Ha! Oh well. Takes all kinds. Or maybe I read it wrong.

In any case, I appreciate how funny he is making the point.

99 said...

I don't think you read it wrong. But I definitely feel like he sums up a lot of what I find frustrating in current trends of playwriting, and gives a sense of how they came along. There are good and useful things in there, but overused or badly used, they can suck.

Plus it's funny as hell. And insightful. Summing up all dramaturgy to "People change. Then they change again" is pretty righteous.

joshcon80 said...

Yeah, I clarified myself a little. I think what I wrote at first wasn't exactly what I meant.

Some writer.