Monday, June 22, 2009

One Last Thing...

Um. Duh. A whole lot of duh on all of this. It's always good to have facts to back up what everybody knows and is already talking about, but...really? Oskar? You want to have a meeting? Guess you don't read the papers.

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Tony Adams said...

Oskar must not take very good notes:

“It’s harder for women playwrights and directors,” said Oskar Eustis, artistic director at the nonprofit Public Theater, because “it’s harder for professional women in the United States.”

This season the Public is putting on six new plays by men and one by a woman. Since Mr. Eustis arrived in 2005, the count of new plays has been 19 plays by men and 9 by women (with one by a male/female team). It is a record that Mr. Eustis labeled as “pretty good but not great.”

“The issue is best dealt with by consistent consciousness-raising rather than a specific program,” he added, saying the same approach applies to minority playwrights.

"Mr. Eustis plans to attend the meeting on Monday night. . . "