Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Stop Making Sense

Scott proves himself to be a wise, wise man here. There's lots I like in this, in just about every way, but here's a key bit:
So my quest, through CRADLE and through my teaching, is to open up an awareness and create opportunities for both young theatre artists and also creative people who, like Matt Freeman, want to express themselves even if they make their living doing something else. So yes, write it yourself...and act it yourself, and sing it yourself, and paint it yourself, and dance it yourself. And do it for others, for your community, as an end in itself and not a means to "fame and fortune."

I also like very much that he acknowledges that some of his responses have come from a place of personal anger and annoyance. It's pretty easy to fly off the handle on the interwebs (believe me, I know!) and take things personally or have just one part of what someone says ding your ear in a way that sets you off. We need more taking of deep breaths, thinking through our arguments and thoughts and asking ourselves: Is that really what I meant? Because sometimes, it's not. Sometimes it's worth taking stock.

It's so easy to get locked into a position, both here on the internet and in life, and then use a whole lot of confirmation bias to avoid ever really examining it. You know what that one guy said that time about unexamined life and its relative worth. It's kind of famous. Good on ya, Prof.

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