Monday, March 29, 2010

Paging Dr. Jones...Paging Dr. Indiana Jones...

So, clearly, someone hasn't read any Lovecraft, or watched any Indiana Jones movies or seen Ghostbusters or Stargate or really any movie from the last, say, 30 years or so, because otherwise, they'd have known better than to unearth this thing:
Archaeologists have unearthed a 3,500-year-old door to the afterlife from the tomb of a high-ranking Egyptian official near Karnak temple in Luxor, the Egyptian antiquities authority said Monday.

These recessed niches found in nearly all ancient Egyptian tombs were meant to take the spirits of the dead to and from the afterworld. The nearly six-foot- tall (1.75 meters) slab of pink granite was covered with religious texts.

To Gozer or Zuul or Vigo or the Ogdru Jahad or whatever nasty beastie that comes crawling out of that thing: I was with you the whole time! I'll be your Renfield. Or Louis Tully. Or whatever you need. We cool?


RVCBard said...

Damnit! I've been trying to open a conduit for Zuul since starting my day job - sacrificing kittens and puppies and everything - and nothing happens!

Now what am I gonna tell the ASPCA?

RVCBard said...

Damnit! I've been trying to open a conduit for Zuul

Gozer. Conduit for Gozer.

Everyone knows that if Satan's coming to NYC, it's gonna be in Soho. And I'm in Brooklyn, so it's all good.

Jack Worthing said...

Only the penitent man will pass.

The penitent.

The penitent.

Only the penitent man...

What does the penitent man do?