Monday, March 29, 2010

Double-You Tee Eff?

Submitted without comment.


isaac butler said...

The anchor's response is completely inappropriate and he should be reprimanded and suspended, if not fired.

99 said...

I've been trying to figure out what the deal is with C-SPAN anchors. It seems like, since they're supposed to be neutral, they just let the guests and callers speak without any challenge or pushback or anything. Which seems odd, as a choice to me. But it would help if they explained it. When I was watching during the House vote, they had a Republican house member who was on spewing already de-bunked talking points and the host just sat there and nodded.

cgeye said...

Nope, the C-SPAN anchor's response was neutral and appropriate. They set up a race-neutral series of lines organized by political party participation, and people calling in on the Republican line and saying they support Obama -- if they aren't Republicans -- are manipulating C-SPAN's attempt to create 'balance' of comments.

Black folk were and are gaming the system, and doing it in a way to deliberately provoke Republican racists. Just because they got what they wanted doesn't mean we should condemn the anchors as being witnesses to both the provocation and racist response.

isaac butler said...

I think the anchor saying that it was a valid criticism that they let too many black people speak on the line was the point where an attempt at neutrality crossed into (unintentionally) aiding teh crazy.

Really, tho, 99 is right, on CSPAN you can say anything and they will take it seriously. It's really a company-wide policy that I completely disagree with and think showcases the worst aspects of so-called objectivity in news media.

BTW: I didn't hear about this secret plan to game CSPAN. Is there some black CSPAN viewer listserv I need to belong to so I can pretend to be black for future action?

cgeye said...

On my cable provider, C-SPAN's right next to BET, so I'm pretty certain regular Negro watchers of C-SPAN knew that if one person can step through the screeners' net and piss racists off, then anyone could. It's like "bababooey"; sooner or later a specific annoyance becomes a meme.