Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Sound of My Own Voice

This may turn out to be a total disaster...or it could be awesome. But it should entertaining either way. The fine folks of the BE Company have asked me to read some of my own work as a part of an evening they're calling BEginnings at a lounge, Happy Ending, on Thursday, 2/25. I'm on the program with a bunch of great writers and cool people, so there will be that. Plus booze in a downtown club. So you'll seem cool. Add that the potential for total embarrassment on my part and you've for a fun evening, right?

Seriously, I'm a smidge nervous about the entire prospect, so having some friendly faces in the crowd would be nice. If you can, swing on by.

But wait! There's more!

On March 16th, the Ensemble Studio Theatre will be hosting a reading of my play, Manifesto, as a part of their regular Memberfest series. It should be a good time. I'll post details on that one, too.

Posting here might be a little light, due to the prep for these events. But, like I've been saying, doing is better than talking, right?

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