Monday, February 22, 2010

Problems I Like To Have

In addition to the needs of DayJobLand, last week was a bit busy with the seeing of theatre. I saw shows on Thursday, Friday and Saturday: Neighbors by Brandon Jacobs-Jenkins at the Public, Next Fall by Geoffrey Nauffts on Broadway and Mr. & Mrs. Fitch by Douglas Carter Beane at Second Stage on Saturday. I have many, many thoughts, reactions, concerns and things I loved about each and every one of these shows that would be fodder for many, many blog posts. is a workshop and the other two are in previews, so I've got to hold my tongue. Which is hard, hard, I tell ya! But must be done. It would be major breaches of etiquette and integrity not to. But if you have questions, feel free to e-mail me and I'll share my thoughts privately.

Yeah, I'm bragging a little bit about seeing a couple of hot tickets around town. What of it?


Sean said...

Y'know, it's really interesting. You won't write a blog about a show that's in previews? I totally respect that but... I think I would. Of course, I feel like bloggers are different than reviewers, we aren't really talking about what we think an audience will see, we're talking about what *we*, as theater practitioners, see. And, in a way, previews are for theater people to come watch and talk amongst themselves about what works and what doesn't.

Or maybe they aren't.

I don't know, I've been in the indy world too long. The script is generally finished the night before rehearsal, we get one day in the space before we open and three weeks later the whole thing is a memory...

99 said...

I know...and I certainly don't consider myself a reviewer or critic. But I do like to abide by standard etiquette stuff.

I'm all about talking amongst ourselves, but putting it on the blog feels...more public. Especially when there would be critique. I'm all for telling people to go see something I think is good, but I'm weirder about breaking something down, you know?

It's probably just me and slightly more about the kind of theatre it was. I saw Mr & Mrs. Fitch the Saturday before opening, so that was probably set. Next Fall is still in previews, so that may change still.