Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Well, not exactly GOTV, but get activated. The Clyde Fitch Report reported on this initiative to give tax-breaks to landlords who provide space for non-profit arts groups. Since most everyone on the NYC theatre scene can agree that space is the key difficulty, this could go a long way to allaying that.

Well, now it's coming to an action point, as also reported by CFR here:

Apparently, some operators in the district of CB4, whose Theater Task Force has devised the proposal, may have a few reservations about it — at precisely the moment that all stakeholders need to get on board.

It’s an idea, one should note, that if properly implemented could be scalable to include all of New York City, and across all artistic disciplines.

What the Off-Off-Broadway theater community in particular needs to do is attend a meeting tomorrow, Wed., Feb. 3, of Community Board 4, and a meeting of Community Board 5 on Thurs., Feb. 11.


What would you do at the meetings? Read the information below for specifics, but basically, you need to speak out.

In other words: Do. Not. Stay. Home.

Good counsel! If you can get and support, go!

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