Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Conversation

Devil Vet weighs in on the conversation, and ends beautifully with:
Start with listening. Fuck consensus. Listen. Do that first. That and when you see someone get a little steam behind them, get out of their way.

Everytime a minorty voice speaks a story, I wish more 'white' ears would listen. Forget rebuttal, just listen.
RVCBard links and succinctly replies:
Thank. You.
A sentiment I wholeheartedly second.

Josh, though, also weighs in, again, beautifully, in the comments:
So I have a question. To put it in the simplest terms: I'm listening. Now what do you want me to do? "Listen" is not actionable after a certain point. Like I said, I feel like I've been listening for as long as I can remember. Telling white people that racism is painful is a first step, but there have to be actions we can take, right?


You wanted white people to listen to how racism in the institutional theater has affected you. Judging by how much people are blogging about it now on the theatrosphere I'd say you got your wish. For God's sake, follow through.
It is entirely worth your time to read the whole thing. And it is absolutely right. We start at listening, then we move to talking and learning and, eventually true knowledge and, hopefully, actual healing. I have seriously flirted with misanthropy of late, but somehow, I still have hope. It sucks. But I couldn't do what I do, live the life I live without it.

This is what counts as an open dialogue, coming from a place of good faith. Hear, hear.


RVCBard said...


To be honest, Josh's comment was the last straw.

99 said...

I am truly sorry to hear that.

macrogers said...

I can't see what Josh is supposed to have done wrong here. He offered a challenging, alternate perspective. And then he followed it up with questions. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that.

99 said...

RVCBard expands a bit here:

It's worth checking out.

For my part, at the risk of sounding wishy-washy, I see both sides. I think Josh is asking a legitimate question and that RVC is hurt by it. And I think it's legitimate to ask why. Whether she chooses to answer further is up to her.

RVCBard said...

that RVC is hurt by it.

That is the part people keep ignoring.

Over . . .

and over . . .

and over . . .

and over . . .


And then some more for good measure.

RVCBard said...

And I expand here too.

I keep linking back to the same shit because the same shit points kept getting made - and I can't take that anymore.

joshcon80 said...

RVC, People have been acknowledging your hurt over and over again. I simply said, "I'm listening? What now?" And then I was attacked.

Your anger and hurt is totally righteous, but at some point you have to put wings to word. That was all I meant. I believe in action, not talk.

RVCBard said...


Why the hell do you keep talking to me?

I said I was done with this, yet you insist upon badgering me beyond the point where I've said I CAN'T FUCKING TAKE ANYMORE OF THIS SHIT RIGHT NOW!!

Seriously, do you get that? Is it sinking in? YOU (you, specifically) ARE HURTING ME. Please stop it.

joshcon80 said...

I'm still talking to you because you brought me up in a blog comment. I'm really sorry if I've hurt you. I only meant to leave a thoughtful comment and I'm honestly totally befuddled by how this blew up.

I'd suggest you not write provocative blog entries and comments if you don't want people to actually engage with you.

This is the last time I'll write to you. I'll ignore you if you ignore me. But to quote old schoolyard wisdom, "Don't dish it out if you can't take it."

RVCBard said...


I am begging you: Please leave me alone. Just stop talking to me. You've done enough damage. Now just let me heal. Please. Please. Please. Please. Please.