Monday, January 25, 2010

Brass Tacks

Shorter Chris Ashworth:

(While I'm at it, shorter Don Hall.)

And they're absolutely right. No one promised me a rose garden, steak for dinner and California king-sized feather bed stuffed with money. In fact, they very definitely promised me the absolute opposite. And I still bit down. Hard. Because making theatre is what I love to do. Because I think it's important. Because I think (and I hope) I can make a larger difference by doing it. None of that is dependent on playwriting being my sole or even a major source of income.

If theatre were outlawed, I'd still do it. If playwrights were taxed at a higher rate, I'd still do it. If being a playwright meant a lifetime of working soul-deadening jobs in order to pay the bills....hey, wait a minute! (If my boss is reading, I kid, I kid!) So the point is how to do it and be happier, how to make time and space for the other things that are important to me and still do this. It's been done before. It will be done again. know, just do it.

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