Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Quick Hits

I'm still on my holiday break. Honestly I am. I've popped up here and there, sure. But that's it. Well, except for this. I just have a couple of things to throw out there.

- I'm about shoulder-deep into Outrageous Fortune, the much-discussed TDF study on the state of American play making. It is basically everything you've heard and more and there will be MUCH discussion of it very soon. Until I get my act together, read responses from George Hunka and most excellent playwright Timothy Braun (for some reason, it's not letting me hyperlink to Tim's piece, so go here: Strong stuff.

- You know why I don't play poker with Scott Walters? He always ups the ante. And then he follows up. Some key quotes:
So the problem is: if we define quality in relativistic terms, we can't use it as an objective way to prefer one play over another; on the other hand, if we define quality objectively by referring to education, we cannot deny that access is limited (these elite programs accept only a few each year) the definition is ideological, and thus diversity is diminished.

Which is why I say: quality doesn't exist. As a pure, usable, non-ideological, objective concept quality doesn't exist.
Go read them both.

- Speaking of the Prof, I'd be remiss if I didn't congratulate him and the other theatre bloggers tagged by Chris Wilkinson in the Guardian as the top blogs of the year. I don't always agree with the folks listed, and I certainly read many of them as much as I should, but they certainly all make the blogosphere an interesting place.

- I've seen Avatar and have some thoughts to share and will, but no matter what you think of it, well, James Cameron is very, very icky. James Comtois shares some thoughts here.

- CultureFuture. That is all.

- In the comments here, RLewis and Thomas Garvey both manage to perfectly display fogeyism. Yep, videos on YouTube and Seinfeld couldn't possibly have any effect on a person or be influential in their life. Only great, important works of art that are generally fifty years old do that.

Okay, I'm out the door again. See ya once the new year's hangover wears off.


joshcon80 said...

If I hadn't read your blog I'd have no idea that I was being slandered so! I don't know what Garvey's problem is. I read and comment on his blog all the time and I've never been attacked before.


99 said...

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news! But you join a pretty big club.

RLewis said...


I thought I was being very postive. Should have guessed that you'd find a way to turn it into a bad thing. sad.

99 said...

I think our definitions of "positive" are a bit different. But that's not really news.