Monday, December 7, 2009

Nets of Souls*

This is neat as hell. No, really. Check out more detail here. Nine freaking hours. Smart, smart people.

It reminds me of this and the twenty trillion theatre companies that have been e-mailing about voting for them. Maybe it's the still-lingering effects of my cynicism overload, but what if a theatre company offered a little of the money to the people who voted for it, if it won. What if they offered parts for the actors, commissions for the playwrights, gigs for the directors, free tickets to the patrons? Shouldn't it trickle-down? We've all been asked to give support, what about the return on investment?

I'm being a bit cheeky...but, really. Why not?

*Cf. (And boy, would he be pissed if he knew I used his beautiful quote to title a post about buying votes for non-profit theatres. Bad Socialist! Bad Socialist!)

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