Monday, December 21, 2009

Love The Playa...

...Hate the game, as joshcon quotes so eloquently in the comments here. It's been a bit of a flurry back and forth around here this afternoon, but I just wanted to remind people that we as human being can hold two different, somewhat contradictory thoughts in our heads at the same time: it is possible to recognize that the way theatre is made in this country, particularly at the top levels, is calcifying into a system that that is becoming monochromatic, less integrated, and more tilted towards the wealthier classes and that part of that system is the cronyism, elitism and moribund thinking of our institutions AND that great, wonderful, talented and awesome people work within that system, many trying to change it from within, some profiting from it, some being as harmed as anyone on the outside. Both things can be true, are indeed true. I certainly don't begrudge anyone making a living, making art, doing the work that they feel comfortable or happy doing or making decisions to further their career and their art. If anything, I want to expand those numbers, have more people contributing in more ways. I think that's a noble goal. Maybe you don't. That's okay.

Theatre in this country is in trouble. Maybe not in as much trouble as some other art forms. (H/T Isaac and others.) But we are in trouble. The current way of doing things isn't fixing it. What's wrong with looking for some other way?

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