Tuesday, November 17, 2009


For various reasons, my streak of lazy blogging continues and escalates from a minor peccadillo to a Deadly Sin. Maybe it's a pre-holiday-funk funk, maybe it's just that, after a couple of years of ranting, neither the American theatre nor the theatre blogosphere has suddenly turned into a garden of collegial thought, risk-taking and bountiful, generous spirits. And that wears on a soul.

I've been calling this summer the Summer of Bad Vibes. Between the parade of celebrity deaths (and the hits just keep on coming), the rising tide of lunacy in our politics, the vast and growing economic downturn, it felt like there's been a general funk of bad feelings, a miasma, if you will, hanging around us all. The blogosphere lends itself to ranting and raving and sniping, but this summer, and into this fall, it started to feel really, really nasty. And, worse than that, utterly unproductive. I keep hoping a page will turn and something good will happen, like a guy landing a plane on the Hudson or something, but instead we get more people like this taking up our airwaves. Maybe 2010 will be better. Who knows? I hope so.

Anyway. I'm just gonna chill for a minute. Catch you on the flip.

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