Monday, November 9, 2009

I Swear I Will Have Something Relevant To Say...

...honestly, I will. Probably tonight. I'm coming off a couple of weeks of fairly intensive work. Which has led to some epiphanies and such, but not much time for blogging. Soon come. In the meantime...lazy blogger linking! Yay!

- I know that Isaac declared a moratorium on discussions of the Great Brighton Beach Memoirs Fiasco and Tragedy of 2009, but this long, excellent post by The Playgoer is basically required reading. And the closing line? Awesome.

- We all know that I love sports and theatre comparisons and Rob Kozlowski has a good one up about the pitiful Bears and the gathering storm that is Spider-Man on Broadway.

- Via Chris Wilkinson at The Guardian, here's Arlene Goldbard's good fisking of Michael Kaiser's Huffington Post diversity piece.

- I'm not entirely sure what any of this actually means (I'm surprisingly tech illiterate), but I think I like it. Or I'm slightly discomfited by it. 129 of you?

- Obviously, I don't agree with most of this. I particularly like the first comment. What can you say? De gustibus...

- And lastly, via The Mirror Up To Nature, cutting the middleman out of Critic-O-Meter?


Ian Thal said...

Actually, 99, the whole point of the "Judicial Review" when Bill Marx explained it to me (and recruited me for his "panel") was not to cut out any middleman, but to foster dialogue about the arts in a single forum rather than have individuals offering their individual takes on separate blogs.

Now whether we pulled that off is quite another story.

99 said...

I totally got that. I meant cutting out the middleman of Critic-O-Meter, which aggregates reviews as well as looking at the commonalities. And I think you pulled it off rather well!