Thursday, October 15, 2009

Well, That Was All Exciting...

...and it still is. I've been gratified by the comments on the posts below, as well as those at Isaac's place (check 'em out, too!). A few folks have also sent me messages off-line and all are encouraged to do so. The whole point of this is to have a conversation. I know that many people are uncomfortable voicing their opinions in such a public space and I honor those who have.

I'm seriously engaged in trying to think of what to do about this next. I knew I felt strongly about these issues, but it really wasn't until I started writing about it here, I realized how deep my feelings are and how strong my desire to actually do something about it is. Obviously the constraints of A) a blog and B) an anonymous blog make actually doing something problematic. But both are things I feel strongly committed to. So I need to do some stewing.

I also need to do some writing. This blog has been an excellent tool for procrastination, but my deadlines are fast approaching and the work needs to get done. So posting may actually be a bit light over the next few days. I wish I could invite you all to this next thing, but...well, duh. I can't. But if you find yourself watching a smart, well-written play in the next couple of weeks, it could be mine. So laugh at the jokes, go "aw" at the sensitive moments, applaud at the end and I'll go easy on you in the comments.

More soon...

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