Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Plays Well With Others

A couple of things I wanted to highlight:

- This, an interesting experiment from Kristen Palmer. She reads a play, writes about it. Every day. It's actually inspired me to read more plays.

- And this, a new blog by Kenneth Lin, a playwright I like quite a lot. And I like this quote, quite a lot:
As artists, we have to be there to provide hope. I believe that our mandate is to grease the wheels of progress, to help our neighbors to continue to believe in each other and a better future. We are the panacea to the cycle of bad thoughts and behavior that always threatens to bog down our society. May we inspire the process of progress.
Welcome to the blogosphere, Kenneth!

I also really like this post by Rob Kozlowski. I think we can use more playwrights writing about writing and pulling aside the curtain a bit. And, of course, I have thoughts on the matter...

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richard oliver said...

I saw Kenneth Lin's "Said Said" a few years back in Atlanta and it was one of those most shocking and powerful plays I've ever seen. So glad to hear he's blogging!