Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy Returns, Good News and Bad

Isaac is back, which is less than surprising, but still welcome. So I'm back in my own digs.

As Isaac notes, Jaime at surplus is also back, which is very good news (especially for those who court nerd girls, love podcasts and love good, snappy theatre writings), but she starts off with the bad, or at least, contemplative. Her journey here is one I can, obviously, relate to. And something I still struggle with. Our field can be so insular and cut off that, once you're on the outside, meaningful connection can feel impossible. But it's done, and in a way, it's always been done. This is part of the brain drain that our organizations' precarious financing leads to. We all have those friends who loved theatre, made a good go of it, but eventually had to keep a roof over their heads. When I left the world of working in theatres, I walked away from a great opportunity at a terrific institution, but that wouldn't have paid me enough to keep my fridge stocked with skittles and beer. Something had to give and I did. I do miss it, though.

Isaac has some seriously cogent thoughts on Jaime's post and on Rob K.'s post here. It's worth reading the whole thing (if you haven't already). I'm still digesting it and will likely have thoughts soon. But check it out for yourselves.

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