Thursday, October 15, 2009

Another County Heard From

I don't really mean to just round up various thoughts and reactions, but...well, I don't mind doing it and I'm glad to add them to the conversation.

So here is Adam at the very, very excellent Mission Paradox Blog, weighing in.

I guess I can take this moment to say a little something (or re-say something): it's all about the conversation. I shared my experience not as an example of "what's going on in black theatre," but as an offering of what I'm going through. Whoever is reading this doesn't know my work, so you have to take my word for what it is. That's not really the point. For me, the point is talking about it, not pretending it's all okay, or it's set in stone or whatever. Collecting ideas, feelings, reactions, good and bad, and seeing what comes next. Really, honestly, that's all for me. I'm anonymous here, so it's not about self-promotion. It may be about bitching and I'd be happy to find that out. It's about talking to each other.

Okay, now, seriously, really. I have to get to work!

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