Thursday, July 23, 2009

Well, well, well...

To be honest, this was...unexpected. Very much so. It's almost like someone was paying attention. Who knew?

Faux "Aw, shucks" aside, it is nice to not feel so much like I'm shouting at blank walls. Thanks, David. It's much appreciated. And I hope you continue on with it, and the other fine points on the list.

Though I do have to note that, in the first paragraph, he deals with the substance of my post a bit. Then he launches a broadside against George Hunka, for his comments on the post. That takes up the bulk of his post. And then he invites more bloodsport in his own comments.

I'm all for passionate discussion and disagreement and forceful argument about the issues. This is a big community and we don't all agree about a lot of things. But one of the more tiresome things are these little brush fires and assaults on blogging style. I like both Isaac Butler and Thomas Garvey a lot. I can see both of their sides in their dust-up about Emily Glass Sandberg's study. I'm not linking to any part of it. You can find it. Because, in a way, it's unproductive. Because it's about blogging more than it's about theatre or sexism or anything else (though Thomas is talking a bit more about journalism in general). And it just feeds the feeling that out here we're all about character assassination and tearing things down. I'm not saying that Isaac, Thomas, David or anybody else isn't talking about the issues, or trying to tear anyone down. Like I said, I like and respect all of them. But it's an easy trap to fall into. When we talk about the inspiring stuff, the positive stuff, the real engagement, the posts languish. When we slag, burn, and flame, the comments pile up.

I know I've felt the tug of a good battle. It's quite alluring. But it doesn't add credibility. For those of us out here, trying to talk about what drives us crazy, what doesn't work, or what does, and how we can make theatres better, what we really want is credibility. We may be vulgar and rude and we certainly don't suffer fools gladly or pull our punches. But we don't want to be seen as just a bunch of howler monkeys. Or at least as smart howler monkeys. Or maybe just funny ones.

Nonetheless, I'm glad to make the blogroll. It's funny that I did, just about I'd given up on this whole thing. Maybe I'll keep it up for a while.

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