Friday, May 15, 2009


...Very interesting...



Malachy Walsh said...

This is a good idea, though I wish the trailers themselves were a little more evocative. And the sound was better throughout.

I find that one of the mistakes people make when advertising a play is that they're too close to the work and so, they are too literal with its expression in the ad/trailer.

What should be advertised is the effect, atmosphere or driving idea of the play, rather than the playwright's words.

I think it would make for a more compelling "movie" that then draws people to go to the theatre - or in this case, get someone to ask for a script.

Malachy Walsh said...

We'll see if this helps our ticket sales or not, but already, in a few days, it has more more hits than many "trailers" for theatre shows get. Plus, it's not simply a badly lit edit of a performance with poor sound.

It's about the idea of the show. It's only a minute long. It doesn't try to tell you everything. It's connected to a website. It precedes the show by enough time to actually build something.

While this is definitely made with a slightly different purpose than the PWC "spots", I'm definitely trying to put my money where my mouth is.