Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I find this story almost unbearably sad. In part because, well, I love all of the parts. This Is Our Youth is honestly a favorite play of mine. I saw the production and had a great time. I'm still a big fan of Ruffalo and I would watch Josh Hamilton read just about anything. But...ugh. I know it's a short run and being taped for radio. And I'd be okay with it as a one-off benefit reading. But calling it a production? These guys playing teenagers? Again? It's like a Menudo reunion tour or this, only sans kitsch.

Really? LATW couldn't have gotten some kids from Gossip Girl or something? Some of the High School Musical kids, eager to burnish up that cred with some drug use and sex? Somebody somewhere even close to the actual ages?


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Laura said...

Can you say "movie version of Rent"?