Thursday, February 7, 2008

A Wee Pause

I’ve gotten a bit distracted by some real-world stuff and will be back soon with thoughts (also reports on showcases, rewrites and why playwriting is such a drag), but I wanted to plug this post on Scott Walters’ blog. (There are always good things there, so check it out.) He also linked to this, which I want to respond to, as well.

But, in short, I agree. The complaints are obvious and manifold. The solutions are trickier, stickier and harder to come by. But that’s where the conversation should head.


Scott Walters said...

Thanks! I look forward to getting going at it!

John said...


Great fucking blog.

I'll try to get my tech staff to link up with you, just as soon as she's finished with everything else being my wife entails, most of which is keeping me sane, fed and out of jail.